A NEW BEGINNING… (In the spirit of #change)

Wow! It feels good tIMG_20150415_203501o be back and in high spirit too and… Wait a second, who begins a web post with “wow”? Too informal I know but it is all in the spirit of change. My former colleagues have always qualified me as being “too formal”, so I guess it’s the right time to unveil a perfect blend of the “formal me” and the “informal me”. The wind of change has blown, and very hard too. I guess it has caught up with me sooner than I expected. Back to business…

Writing & blogging, passions I have had for such a long time but held up inside because the atmosphere hasn’t been conducive enough, at least from my own view, something my dad calls laziness to write. I think it has tickled me so much on the inside, is spilling over right now and is about to go off with an explosion.

I have heard so many times that we (the youth) are the leaders of tomorrow, and rightly so, but Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili reminded me some months back when I had a brief encounter with her that we are not only leaders of tomorrow but also partners of today. And as a partner of today, I feel much hasn’t been done by me to ensure that our tomorrow is secured so I guess it’s the right time to revive the spirit, re-ignite the flames, and spread the word – on a bigger platform. Thanks to Malami Saeed and Odutoye Oriola for all the reminders, they have really helped.

So in the spirit of change, let us perceive and enhance our talents and skills and develop them, drive our thinking towards a more positive direction and make this world the nicest one we have ever known – for us and for generations yet to come.

Straight from the heart, catch you later.


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