Inspiration /Inspә’reiʃn/ – an eleven letter word, one with several, diverse meanings to different people at different times and in different situations. Hmm. The best definition for ‘crackos’ and ‘scholars’ would be that person, feeling or thing that causes someone to do or create something; it usually an idea, in some cases, good ones. I do not like boring long write-ups. Let’s just see what it means to different people.


For the first time New York or Abuja tourist, inspiration is that tingly funny feeling you have when you see the great lights at night that makes you want to behold its beauty for the rest of the night and possibly never leave the city, for an upcoming artist, inspiration is the push you get to do more when you have over a hundred downloads in 1 hour, for that upcoming blogger, inspiration is the vibe you feel when you have many people visit your blog and appreciate your work, for that future leader, inspiration is the urge you get to lead your country to the right path when the time is right for you, for some politicians, it’s the craving to embezzle public funds when they get into power and for this ‘special’ group, the louts otherwise known as ‘area boys’, inspiration is the urge they feel to break peoples’ heads with bottles after taking long drags from the odious, strong-smelling ‘substances’ folded in paper and puffed – drag and puff, hehehe.

For me, inspiration is that great feeling I get to praise God when I see nature at its best at sunrise, that urge I feel to change the wrong things in my immediate own environment, the joy I feel when I see the young ones of my generation waiting patiently to move my country, continent and the world to greater heights and the strength I get when I admire great achievers of the past and present – Tafawa Balewa, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, Nelson Mandela, Ben Carson, Ejike Ihejirika etc.

What’s your inspiration?


5 thoughts on “I.N.S.P.I.R.A.T.I.O.N.

  1. My inspiration is that, when I see people with witty inventions changing the society positively & permanently,thereby putting smiles on faces.

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