Captain BuhariSetting myself against Buhari is tantamount to going to battle a lion in its den without a weapon. Not that he will order my arrest or something, no, but I’d die a thousand and one deaths before my physical death as the pro Buhari’s will launch deadlier-than-Boko-Haram attacks on me. The mouths of Nigerians are sharper than any double-edged sword in existence so going against them, no us, is suicidal. I therefore advice that before you take actions against Nigerians, please purchase an armour capable of withstanding insults, negative criticism and ‘swear’ (curses).

I shall therefore apply ‘brain’ here because to whom ‘brain’ is given, ‘sense’ is expected. Let me explicitly state that I am not pro Jonathan neither am I pro Buhari because I am for everyone and I belong to no one, hehe. Having built a solid ground on which I stand, I shall therefore proceed…

‘Corruption must go!’, ‘we shall fish out all those corrupt officials!’, ‘they must go to jail for their corrupt practices!’, bla bla bla are only a few out of the many corruption-shall-go chants that we now hear almost on a daily basis. Sincerely, I love the renewed vigour with which Nigerians now seek to fight corruption and public officials who have washed their hands in dirty waters and dined with the devil; but at the same time it amuses me.

Where did all the so-called corrupt individuals run to? I refer not only to those in public offices now. Everyone seems to be on the good side and is it not ‘fresh’ at all as there has to be a balance like light and darkness, good and evil. ‘Bad guys’ make movies more interesting, corrupt officials make the scene more intriguing when the law enforcement agencies are after them.

How do I paint this picture now? Ok, in ‘Superman’ cartoon, there’s a Lex Luthur, in ‘Batman’, there’s a ‘Joker’ in ‘Spiderman’ there’s a ‘Vulture’, in ‘Flash’, there’s a ‘Reverse-Flash’, even in ‘Dora the Explorer’, there’s a ‘swiper’, therefore in Nigeria, there has to be an ‘Abacha’! Don’t you get it?

All these ‘super heroes’ always save the day right? I think we’ve got our own super hero now. We all know who. Maybe the fear of Buhari is truly the beginning of wisdom.

There was once a time when public officials were almost at liberty to loot public funds and get away with it. I don’t think there was any day that went by without those guys smiling to the bank, and mind you, they dealt with foreign banks as per ‘tush’ criminals but these ‘bad guys’ don’t have to take all the blame, do they?

For every fund stolen, somebody must have ordered the movement, someone else signed papers, another approved it, and some other guy must have played the get-paid-and-shut-up part so it is a ‘shared’ sin. These other guys are now on the good side I guess; only the ones who ordered the movement are guilty; funny people. Mallam El-Rufai agrees with me on that.

It’s a glorious thing that everyone, not everyone though, is on the ‘change train’ dragging Nigeria to its promised land but I am certain that that cannot be achieved in four years. I was, and still am, wondering if there shall be another ‘Buhari’ to continue the corruption fight when he is gone from the Villa or shall we go back to business as usual?

Many who are capable of moving this country to greater heights seem not to be actively involved in politics. Most of the time, they engage in politics-by-mouth and bring to limelight the loop holes of an administration. Some others just fear that they might step on the toes of the ‘god fathers’ and in the process get killed and be heard of no more. Is this the ‘Nigerpoliticophobia’ (fear of Nigerian politics) my brother was talking about?

Just pouring out my thoughts shaaa…. As OBJ said “we are watching them”, my people, let us keep watching, praying and acting too.

Nigeria go beta, Nigeria must beta…

Good people, great nation.


7 thoughts on “AFTER BUHARI WHAT NEXT?

  1. Hi there. I’m BigBrotherEye. I believe thoughts like this should provoke a response. While so far the posts I’ve read are inspiring and whatnot I think your audience should give a reply to show they’re following.
    I’m for a constructive criticism of the writers view, maybe even an argument. I’m also for praising his opinions and suggesting ways to act them out-and actually doing those things.
    Allowed? Whether or not I will.
    So what you’re saying here is we should think beyond Buhari’s 1358(probably wring but close to correct estimate) days in office?


  2. You know when you’ve talked a lot then realise the main thing was the topic? Well, if I could make that mistake then its a human one anyone can make.
    Oh, and Spiderman has many bad beles but I think his arch nemesis should be Venom or Green Goblin. Vulture is like a once in a year guy.


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