God gave me PURPOSE!

Good evening my beautiful readers, how do you all do? Despite the situation of things in the country, I’m just going to give you this word of assurance, “God hasn’t forgotten Nigeria!” Infact we are on His mind and I’m assured this is just a phase we have to pass through to get to where he is taking us to. Mind you, I’m not discussing about Nigeria and our problems, I’m just assuring you of God’s words for us.

I’m grateful for the feedbacks from my previous posts and I hope i meet and beat your expectations in my other posts. Well I’m assured i would, at least that I know. Not to sound too spiritual but God has promised to bless the works of my hand and this is included so am sure I would. Remember I also made a promise to keep you glued to your phones, well based on self confidence too, I’m sure I would.

Well, I must say my beautiful readers, you have been on my mind. I’ve been pondering and pondering on what to write about today not because I don’t know what to write about but because I have so much to but then God keeps directing me to a few write ups i did sometime ago and then out of all of it, He says tell them about this. I’m soo sure I heard Him clearly! I’m sure He had someone in mind when He was talking to me!

“God gave me a PURPOSE” I’m not exactly sure about what is going through your mind when you see that headline. You might be thinking “God gave her a task to do”, you might also say “God assured her of her tomorrow!” Well either ways, you are correct. At least my meaning of “Purpose” in this context means a lot more than the way the dictionary might have put it. You know sometimes things happen in life; they weigh you down, pull you away and you feel like you are going to die. It feels like you can see your whole world crumbling before your very own eyes; you think of even ending your own life. Imagine life throwing tantrums at you and yes it hits you real hard and then you invite God into your situation and everything becomes normal. God has been there all along; all He wanted was for you to invite Him and He would calm the stormy seas. You see one very important thing you must note is that God wasnt the one making you suffer..No! At all! But God already knew you would pass through it, all He wants is for you to hold on to Him! James 1:2 clearly talks about my last statement

“Count it all joy my brethren when you meet various trials”

You know when God gives you a brand new life, calls you His own daughter and allows you call him Father too. He picks you up from the dirt, washes you clean, gives you FOCUS, assures you of a better future (Philippians 4:19). O such beautiful things my God does! This is my own definition of Purpose! He doesnt care what you’ve been through or what you’ve done or what people say, He invites you to His fold and puts you in the same position as He is!

Have you ever felt empty, lonely and you feel like an empty barrel walking on the face on the earth and then God walks into your situation and tells you He has soo much to do through you? Isn’t our God so beautiful? That’s PURPOSE! He gives you purpose and you are assured about your life. If God can give me a new purpose, He can give you too. If He could make a way where there was no way, He would definitely make a way for you too! My God is very beautiful and He is ready to do beautiful things for you too..

I hope this inspires someone and I know it would because God had someone in mind when He told me to write this!

Have a lovely week! Don’t forget to pray for Nigeria rather than complain. You can have a Purpose too😘




2 thoughts on “God gave me PURPOSE!

  1. Well written it inspired me I always thank god for showing me this blog every time I am bored there’s always something to inspire me


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