The Raj Momodu Concept

A famous metaphysicist, Immanuel Kant, says that there is nothing good except the goodwill; the goodwill is good in itself. …and it is only actions carried out within the framework of the ‘goodwill’ that is morally praiseworthy. It is in this light that a young man, Raj Momodu, has pulled himself and resources together to give to humanity.

Raj Momodu, a graduate of the prestigious University of Benin (UNIBEN), is a tutor by learning, a singer by calling, an author, a motivational speaker, a benevolent man, an erudite scholar and an authority on English as a course. His love to create smiles for the less privileged gave birth to “The Raj Momodu Concept”

It is an organization set aside to cater for those  who don’t have a place to call home, a man to call father, a woman to call mother and all they have is God and us.

The world today would know more peace and harmony if we can only learn to obey the Bible verse that says “love thy neighbor as thy self” – Raj Momodu.

Most people care about their stomachs and their pockets while only a few care about the orphans at the orphanage homes, the little boy who has to sell sachet water to feed the family and the young girl who has to sell bread to cater for the family.

Indeed Raj Momodu, like a few other good people, is a man who has placed the needs of the poor before his. Let’s emulate him so that the world could become a better place for us.

For those interested in giving out to the less privileged through this platform, leave your messages using the comments section below or contact Raj Momodu on:
Facebook: The Raj Momodu Concept page
Twitter: @rajmaari
Telephone: 07039473564

#TRM Concepts 2016


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