Of what use is JAMB anyway?

So I put in my password to unlock my phone and there it was, the most touching Whatsapp message I had read in months! It got to me so much that I couldn’t help but allow the pain overwhelm me till a drop of tear came down on my paper. This is one whom I can call a brother. He let it all out – his pain. He had never imagined it would turn out this way but now what? The actions of some people who cared no less about him put him, put us, in such misery. How much of this could be going on elsewhere within the boundaries of our ‘lovely country’? How many other people could be suffering the same or worse? How many of us have passed through the same heat at one point in our lives or the other? And how many more shall have to pass through it? I wonder.

Abbashaib shares with his Frandela Teammates his story. In his own words:

“So I’ve been thinking ba… You know I wrote JAMB this year. Lord! I read for that thing like no man’s business. Yan banza suka bani 199. Later came and added some crappy 40 marks from nowhere o. Just dashed 40 marks – after they finished marking my script wrongly”

“Sha sha that’s not even the main issue. My problem lies with the entire educational sector. I think we need an overhaul of all the existing structures. I’ve been thinking, from the curriculum to the style of teaching to the learning model, do most of all suit educational relevance”

“Kaman yanzy we’re still learning formal letter. What rubbish? Who writes formal letters in this day and age? Everyone sends emails. Worst still, informal letter! Chai ga Whatsapp; ga Twitter, ga BBM, ga SMS maa. What use is this antiquated version of the curriculum?”

“Total update ya kamata. IOS 8-9. Chai jailbreak ya jkamata a yi mai. It’s so pathetic. What even annoys me more is the traditional learning model. The way it is structured today is to make people fail and not to help them learn. No one is learning anymore. It just stratifies smart and dumb. And it’s not like the dumb ones are dumb. The teacher is just too fast for them or something so they end up graduating having learnt nothing for years and they go looking for jobs that aren’t there”

“So I read about the flipped classroom model somewhere and it makes so much sense…


And here’s Zully’s story too:

So JAMB huh? Haven’t gone down that road in a while. I wrote that thing twice and after the second, swore never to think of it. First one was pretty much normal – the usual two-hour delay before the actual exam started, nothing new there. That was when they started this CBT thing so yeah I was a little nervous. Sha a couple of days later I got my 227 straight up. I was a little disappointed. 227? Really? But it was cool. One failed attempt to enter UNILAG. Later, got myself another form. This time, I said it’s going downnn so I went all out – tutorials, midnight reading, the works etc. Two weeks to the exam, nothing, absolutely nothing – not even food – could get me off my reading table. I was going 24/7 non-stop.

Then there came the D-day. This time it was three hours. 9a.m. became 1p.m. and we still didn’t start till two. All the exam tension don commot, na to just write the thing waka. Something around 5pm, I left the center feeling really … confident. And this was when JAMB was all over the news bragging about their new instant result thingy. So I was chilling to see result in two hours, result no show. I waited and waited but I was like “It’s kind of normal to expect a little delay”. 48 hours gone, still nothing! Then I started hearing of people who wrote days after I did and got the result within the stipulated two hours. That was when I got scared – really scared. To make matters worse, I started hearing all these rumours – “JAMB had technical issues”, “our results got lost in the system and were going to have to re-write”. Hehehe, I could just see myself getting another form. And like that wasn’t enough, peeps that wrote on the same day as I did started checking online and seeing results. Me, I checked tire, no result yet every single time.

I started sinking into this abyss of depression. I couldn’t even chat again sef. If I tell people say I never see result, dem go think say I bang. It was terrible, LOL.

So a week after my exam, UTME ended, still no result. I had no idea as to what I was supposed to do. Time to hit the books again probably; book wey I no even sabi where I drop. Legal action against JAMB someone said. Sigh, against JAMB?I hear oo.

So that night of the last day of the exam, I decided to give it one more shot. So I picked up my sister’s phone, entered the registration number which I now knew like my date if birth, clicked on “check result” and waited for the response which I had come to dread and anticipate. Na so this thing just show o. Finally, 270! Wow! It was more than I could have hoped for. At that point ehn, if I had seen 201, it would have felt like winning a lottery. So was it worth the wait? Well, I guess so but JAMB ehn? I reserve my comment.

…         …         …         …         …         …

Sometimes I ask myself, of what use is it anyway? So I can’t be wrong when I call JAMB a devil and I’ve got every reason to.

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