In the south


I discovered the legends of a lonesome beach in the south.

She was beautiful and ugly

Creepy yet comforting

Both cloudy and sunny

I read so much about this beach I wondered why no one else thought she was popular

I wondered why she was less popular

I only saw pictures and I wondered how good it will feel to play by her bank or dive in her warm water or feel the wind that blows by her shore

A myth or a reality, legend has it that the sound of the wind there is milky and soothes the soul

I wanted to go to this beach so bad that I wished it could come to me

Ever heard of careful what you wish for?

I found myself at the beach, enjoying the views but yet it felt odd

I was happy yet sad

Cold and also warm

I wanted to stay so bad but I really wanted to go

And finally this brisk moment of sweet sour experience was over

It was time to leave but I couldn’t find my happiness

I searched for it everywhere around but it seemed to be long gone

I defiled this beach blaming her for the loss of my happiness

Then she rained and it felt like tears on my skin

I felt a relief that I had hurt her back and the same time I felt remorse

Even if she didn’t take my happiness she was the reason I lost it

And ever since my encounter with the lonesome beach things are both good and bad

And yet she hurts me, like she still wants me

I don’t know how to expel this beach from my heart because I really want to

And yet I hold her back like I owe her something…

                                                …Jeff Lazughi


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