Why We Need Ebola in This Country

thBN0IS6P2Very absurd right? I know. I’m pretty sure many would have even started cursing me and wishing for my non-existence at the sight of the title but please, calm down. P.S., all the curses will only get close before they see the about-turn sign and obey because I’m covered.

If we can be very frank with ourselves, you will agree with me that the unity of this country is as shaky as the Ojuelegba bridge in Lagos which no one seems to notice. It has even been predicted quite a number of times by some; very significant was that of a country, a world power whose opinion was totally uncalled for, by some politically-driven organizations and some other concerned Nigerians.

The expression of my intended message to be passed across might sound like gibberish, don’t blame me, I’m wide awake at 3:07a.m. but brain-asleep. My thought process currently seems to be beclouded by who-knows-what. Like a drunk man’s words should be dealt with, read mine same way – not on a superficial level but that beyond.

In case you have partially or totally forgotten what the Ebola incident was like, I would do a quick summary for you. Nigeria was hit with Ebola after Patrick Sawyer, a Liberian-born American, brought the deadly virus to Lagos when he flew there on July 20. He came into contact with 59 people while at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport and at the hospital. This then caused a terrible chain reaction of both the disease and fear. For some reason, God decided to intervene in our situation, causing the virus not to have spread further than it did. HE (God) worked specially through the brave doctor, Ameyo Stella Adadevo who forcefully restricted Mr. Sawyer to his bed as he tried to remove the drip administered to him but she later contacted the disease and lost her life in that battle. May her soul, and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace, Amen. That was the beginning of a historic moment in Nigeria.

As the days passed, the fear continued to grip people. Little by little, the virus got in touch with its unfortunate victims. Who was to be next? No one knew. There was panic all over the country that people even began to prescribe possible ways of prevent the deadly virus. The most reasonable ways being regular washing of hands, avoiding contact with people with high fever, cough and other symptoms similar to that of the malaria fever etc. The one method that got the most attention was that of “salt and water”. Lord! Many people drank enough salty water in such deadly quantity. It was that serious. …and as always, Nigerians will always add humour in any and every situation – how we survive in the most difficult of circumstances. There was one hilarious broadcast I received – to drink salt and water, tie a red band on my head and dance round the closest palm tree to my house singing and dancing ebelebe.

Looking beyond all the treats that the EVD (Ebola Virus Disease) posed to human life, there were two things I noticed that were very evident, that if it is today as it were during that period, Nigeria would be a better place – Unity and Tranquility!

There was so much orderliness at bus-stops because people were making frantic efforts to avoid body contacts.

I don’t think I heard of any street fights during that period because when anyone annoyed another, and on a normal day would result into a fight, for the fear of Ebola, one would have mercy – Forgiveness.

There was less noise! At least the street boys in my vicinity stopped hanging out aimlessly. It seemed as though even the rebel groups in the country had to bow to the power of Ebola as there were very few or no cases of their mindless attacks on people and property.

Spirituality was at its peak! The population of my fellowship grew exponentially in number! I saw faces of those I hadn’t seen in years. People really turned to God in prayer. It was such a beautiful sight to behold – all for the fear of Ebola.

No fights were recorded in the National assembly! This one struck me. Ebola made us miss out on the drama our law makers entertained (or still entertain) us with. No attack of one another with the maze, no slapping, no punches, nothing.

I could go on and on but I think this would do.

No Nigerian in his common sense would ever wish to witness such a scenario ever again but if only all the spirituality, tranquility and unity experienced during that period would be once again seen, it would do us much good.

Lastly, I pray that God will keep us safe from the plagues and afflictions of the evil one, never again to witness such in this country, Amen.


14 thoughts on “Why We Need Ebola in This Country

  1. Nice piece. Well, Ebola is no joke o. The reason we were able to contain the virus that quickly was because of the doctor that attended to Mr Sawyer insistence on keeping him away from other people. Secondly is the fact that international community was up on our throat.

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