I Wish…

I wish when I’m lost
My feet would get me home at all cost
I wish I could all day dance
So that everyone will marvel at me in trance
I wish I could fly
So high that birds would scream, ‘Lo you sly!

I wish I was with that special girl
Walking down the aisle in high esteems
One I would think of as close to perfect
A girl nurtured with virtues of care and not neglect
I wish I always enjoyed her accent
Reflecting your background and descent

I wish I was born in a situation
Not one with oppression or aggression
But a time of love, ease and peace
I wish I was never alone
I was happy and left with ice creams in cones
I wish I used to play games all the time
Without minding what people say, giving no dime
That I feel on top of the world
With nothing to stop my sailing off

I wish I found someone I would call my love
Remembering the first day we met as time went by
I wish I could let things come and go
As untraceable as a thaw of bygone snow
That would feel so little but mean that much
So I recall our first touch

I wish I am with someone who cares
Someone who is always there to lend an ear
I wish someone could understand
Why I’ve got such mound of wishes
Although I only said a little
And wake up some morning
Finding out they all came true

Author: Lamina Ifeoluwa Ayotunde
A young poet, blogger, web designer, graphics designer

Currently works with PecArt nation- Home of artistic geniuses

lamzy97 on Twitter


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