Rising Sun

The sun rose this morning
With shouts of grief and mourning
Men lamenting, women wailing
For sons killed Like minced meat, grilled

Helpless,they stare into the sky coloured by despair
To the rescue, no messiah
None to save them from the raging fire

Lost in thought, I wondered,
Like a sage, I pondered
For what our past heroes fought
We have left to rot,the Peace and equity for us they sought
Now violence is all what we’ve got

We are ravaged by this sect’s disease
Our lives are no longer at ease
For heads are what they hunt
And blood is all they want
From our markets we flee
For they are on a killing spree
From our schools we run
Far from us our girls have gone
Wasting lives, to them is fun
With their toys- the bomb and gun
We watch our soup turn sour
Yet we do not agitate for war
For the unity our fathers fought for

Certainly a day will come
When a new leaf we will turn
And peace will be reborn
Violence will be long gone
Banished never to return
Although today we mourn
On the rock of hope,we firmly stand upon
For after the night comes dawn
And in time to come
We will be blessed with the rising sun…

Author: Kalu Ndubuisi (a.k.a. Phenom)


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