A Letter for Tomorrow

Dear friend, can you hear the church bell ring?

It’s time to tell the tale

Of our fathers and their wail,

On how their sons were made to sail

In ships of tears, on oceans of disdain.

Its time to tell of the pains

that roamed the ancient village

Pivoted by our colonial leaders

While we obeyed and paid homage.

Can you hear the wind’s whistle blow?

The folklore of Zik and co,

That negotiated with the white folks

To set us free and let us go.

The sudden military led coup d’etat,

And incessant hunger to be in power.

The mischief by our merchants of loot

whom we safeguarded ourselves to

and yet got kicked by their boot.

Can you hear the birds sing aloud?

About the generations yet unborn,

The wonders of their time,the miracle of their dawn.

The gentleness of their rain and beauty of their sun,

The flora of change and an era of corruption long gone.

I clearly can interpret the writing

Hidden in the mystery of the azure,

Of the light that awaits the night

And hope that awaits the future.

The world must therefore hear

About this time of the year

When we trade our plight for victory,

To change the game and it’s name

And restore the land’s pride and glory.

I can hear the church bell ring,

Let’s join hands and tell the story.

Yours sincerely,



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