Data Subscription? 

The online market, where everyone and thing beckons 

“Try me, I’m cheap and virus free”

“I can tell you the day you the day and to who you will get married”

“This app can keep you informed with the latest in the Villa and White House” 

All is madness, chaos reigns

The online market, created for organization and order mocks its creators with pop-ups and ads

The gullible needy are left in tears while the greedy get more to fuel their needs

The online market, not too silent a beast still calls cooingly like the Pied Piper to children; humble, innocent and meek.

“I can keep you in touch with friends from school; show you things parents think are uncool”

The online market, where even the experienced get fooled. All are tools in the cyber whirlpool.

However sad, it’s true the online market has some of what’s needed by me and you.

The online market, like Israel of old at harlot time is the stone in the master’s hand that shames the gun in the novices.

She’s servant to and benefits those who use her wisely.

Author: Adeshina Henrie


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