The Rebirth

Enough of the lamentation!

Of those coming in the boat 

Of polished good will

Approval from high order

Pepper differentials denied flag bearers

Cutting our ribs and drying our cows

And the vaccines from our lake.
Enough of the Lamentation!

Of the rice pad of our nation being a putrid marshland to our souls;

Enough of the lamentation!

Of the native of the streets being holed up under bridges,
Enough of the questions!

Of where did we come from,

When would we wear long trousers,

And while were our fathers jailed

Enough of the sitting on the fence!
Why all these lamentation?

In our rigorous situation,

Quit the noise! they bore my soul…

We are architect of our misfortune,

And lamenting would only ameliorate the doom,

Why blame the colonial masters?

When the emancipation proclamation

Has long been declared,

Why blame them for our downfall?

When we are the cause of the curse,

Yes we are the architect of this beleaguered destiny,

The frontiers of our downfall .
We chose this path due to our avariciousness,

We are egocentric and mastered by our self will ,
Only when stop sitting on the fence,

Only when we agitate our selfishness,

Only when we stop the act of our crookedness,g

Only when we act in Maxism

Then would there be rebirth of our homes,
The great massacre of the past won’t be in vain,

The sweat for the fight of freedom won’t be void ,

Then would African poems be filled with rhymes,

And our new homes ecstatic,
Ourselves freed from self imprisonment,

Our cows fattened,our lakes flourishing,

Our rice pads filled with grains,

And the natives of the street sheltered.

Poet: Eunice Adek


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