Building Class Of ’20.

2016. It’s been a pretty interesting year for me – from the “NO WATER NO LIGHT “ protests, to the unprecedented 3-week pre-exam break and all the “BRING BACK ULSU” wahala. Whoa!

…but probably the most interesting part of my 2016 was getting to know the people I will be spending the next four years with.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present “The Building Class of ‘20”. In no particular order, shall we begin the roll call.

Alfa Bc – that means bottled coke, coded struvs. Real name Maruf, or Gbenga if you like. Class goalkeeper, though all he ever does is sit by the post and sleep. Talented artist and my go-to literary critic.

Tosan. Hmmm. This girl can consume Amala ehn! And Fufu, when she’s in the mood. She knows all the best spots in the school and likes to hang out with her people from Quantity Surveying.

Sulphate, a.k.a Mr. Burst Brain. His name is Valentine and he likes cracking lost jokes. Lol. You’ll need to look for them at Otta.

Afeez. Quiet. Easy going boy. The guy na one kind coded scholar sha.

Moyo. Our coach. Another low key scholar.

Mayor. Real name, Mayowa. The other half of Moyo’s gang. Those two are inseparable.

Dapo. Lol, one day this one blew whistle in the middle of a match he had nothing to do with. They almost beat him to pulp.

Patani. Ogenekevwe, the class dreamer and King of puns. Always lost. He’s the one that will come 5 minutes before an exam and start sprouting details about NASA spaceships and how all right handed people are human rights activists because their right hands are active. I tire for that boy.

Nonso aka Wikipedia. This one knows every single person’s biodata details by heart. Na wa.

Ugo. Our 5.0 scholar. Gentleman.

Wonu. I don’t just understand this boy. He has 5 minutes craze and one very very funny laugh.

Layi. Chai. This one will positively drive you insane, and then make you laugh till you cry. He is slightly annoying with a huge ego and a ton of opinions. He says I have a very “ambitious brain “. I still don’t know what that means.

Tolu. Our class striker. The boy deserves a medal, he can play ball ehn.

Iwe (meaning Book in Yoruba, lol). He insists his name is Tosin but he will always be called Iwe.

Nifise. Capt. Q! (coded struvs, lwkmd). He’s a nice boy. Likes to keep everyone happy (which I keep telling him is humanly impossible, but what do I know).

Rotimi! Sanguine! This one has a voice like a boom speaker – which usually works to his advantage – and he can whine people ehn! He’s a boss Sha.

Yekeen. Our sports rep that will always fix match with short notice. (but we still stand undefeated. Wohoo! )

Jide (Dudu, lol). Very black boy. He carried my headset away for like two months just to fix it!

Emamode. This one will just be coming and going lowkey, forming fresh.

Emma. He will use grammar to wash you, but he’s generally nice.

Zany. My padi with the Chyna (coded, hehehe). His name is Michael, likes doing fresh boy with his long sleeved shirts and skinny jeans.


Lekan, or Alfa Sodiq . He likes laughing. He’ll be talking and shining teeth simultaneously.

David. Oluks. Our pastor that will be using grammar to preach. His voice will just change once he starts talking about Jesus.

Jeremiah. Brother Jerry. The pastor with the twinkling eyes. Lol

Josh. Cele boy. Can turn ANY (seriously,any) song into a church hymn.

Vincent. Another medal nominee. Almost broke his leg defending our football title. Lol.

And our class phantoms, coming and going lowkey, I see you ; Princewill, he models I think.

Olumide(he has an office somewhere); Dada, he says he owns his own company; Tobi (Phantom Prime), Chris (big daddy, correct business man); Tolu(Dada’s right hand man); Ayo (Garri-is-the-way); Rachael(runaway Adele); Hassan(he’s just crazy); Dj Titanium(I don’t even know his real name); Fair Michael (half of a yellow sun, lol I’m sorry ).

Kennedy (aspiring class rep), Segun(Coded Xtreme), Ernest(broke my watch one time like that), Waris (only shows up for exams), Tosin(with the blue rimmed glasses), Seyi (always first for Mrs. John’s 7am class), Rahman (Chief Alfa).

You guys all rock! I honestly can’t wait to see how the next few years play out.

Zully, Over and Out! 


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