Peculiar Sight

I know a funny man, though not much fun to be with;

With the eyes of a hawk, his nose made you gawk;

He never seizes to see;

Gold and silver, Pounds and pence, maybe the occasional naira-on a bad day;

Unfortunately, that’s the most he gets to see cause of his peculiar sight

His peculiar sight gives a bad case of nose stuffed with greed, with a capital G.


I’m amazed at the seriousness of his disease, his hands never seem to unfreeze

His was a complete circle, ‘cause his bloodhound nose thirsty for more

Stopped his poor eyes from seeing beyond


Mister Unfriendly, the children at the field called him in whispers; his sight even hindered all forms of pure laughter

Calculating and brutal to capital and debtors, “Never borrow from him” cried wise fathers now twice shy


Twice and counting, helped was offered, to treat this poor fellow;

The clinical importance of cheerful giving along with all its joys to be shown at no expense to him;

The good name and wisdom of sowing and reaping trust laid at his feet for next to nothing

“No thanks, I’m fine” was his cold reply each time


People all stayed away until that faithful Saturday

When bearing my favorite brand of drink, to my house he came

Surprised at first at his wanting to mix, I later found out his grief

His entire shares crashed last night the 13th

Like a falling pack of cards.


With none to turn to for friendship after Fate’s cruel blow,

He learnt the hard way to be happy and give-and give he did

More of his time, resource and self to those who needed

After all, as he now says, “Property and assets fly with the wind, bonds and friendships rarely do.”

So if you know anyone with peculiar sight, feel free,

Tell them of my peculiar friend and his rejoicing

At finally being set loose, from a bad case of similar woe.


Henrie Adesina


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