Aching Amplitudes

He sits on his favorite couch on the porch, staring blankly into the cold misty night. The sky is lit up with stars on this night, so many of them. He sighs as he turns up the volume of the music player a notch. But slowly, he drifts away and those thoughts lay hold of him.

He: It’s something about these damn love songs, I suppose. I do a pretty good job of pretending to ignore the thought of you during the day.
Responsibility is a pretty good distraction,
But eventually the quiet comes.
I play the music a little too loud to push you out of my mind,
But then you’re as stubborn as hell,
and the night lasts so long…

She lies in her bed, her bright wide eyes in contrast to her tired mind and the phone in her hand casting an eerie glow on her pale face. It’s a cold and chilly night. She turns up the volume of the music player, and slowly those thoughts take hold of her tired mind.

She: These songs give me a little comfort at least. They speak the words you fail to say
I conjure fantasies in my messed up head,
Or maybe they are actually memories from a far off time. I really don’t know anything for sure these days.I see you try to work the pain away, or is it all in my head too?
What holds you back? I wonder
What bothers you? You don’t say
I have a lot of thoughts, if only you knew
The ones that keep my eyes open while the world sleeps.

He: I’ve numbered the stars with missed opportunities. So many times I’ve wanted to pick up the phone…too many times
Shoot a text; Just to say hi. Wanting to say so much more
In person…
I could ask you out, right?
I mean, why not?
Why don’t you come around soon?
You can tell me about life these days
You’re such a mystery, but feel so familiar to my heart
I’ll keep these feelings in check though, to have you close
Just for a little while…

She-These days my phone feels like an enemy.
Refusing to light up with your name burning across the screen
Mocking me with your face frozen in the pictures lifted across the pages I open every hour
The sun has concluded I’m mad, she just laughs at me all day
The moon must think I’m crazy, she looks amused
How do these days go by so quickly?
It has been a while since really talked
I haven’t seen you in forever
I almost can’t remember what your voice sounds like.

He-But the what if’s are in the way
I wouldn’t call this doubt
I’ve never been surer of anything
I just don’t know if that door is open to me anymore…
And as much as I want to know
I backspace
Erasing all the things I’d love to say, love to ask
Forfeit my place in your mind for one day more
Turn the volume a little higher
And add a number to the stars.

She-A better friend than you I’m not sure I’ll ever find
We really worked, you know?
Now there’s just this wall
And it seems you’re not really there, even when you say you are
I really need to get a grip
I chuckle sadly as you cross my mind
You’d think I would have moved on by now
I give my phone one last glance
I shake my head one last time
This is it, the voice whispers through the cobwebs in my mind
I sigh and turn over in bed
And say a little hello to the moon.

Authors: Bourne Princewill Xavier, Agoro Zulaikhah.


12 thoughts on “Aching Amplitudes

  1. so factual ! only if we could swallow our pride and ask for what we want…. a little “ask” or “tell” might just solve our entire worries and pensiveness …


  2. That’s well thought of, not letting out what’s within takes us to a world of unknown. Waiting for others to take the lead misleads our thought. keep it up


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