The labour of division 

The Labour of division

Enlarges the boundary lines in our so called union

Devastated and dejected yet we still hope

But alas most do not comprehend the scope

That which seeks to unite us

Seems to be what tears us apart,

The irony is that we lose focus

Trying for things not to fall apart

The elite preach unity in diversity

But secretly seek to stifle our creativity

While they desperately exploit the fault lines

They have successfully dug up in our minds

Where has the ‘Nigerian’ spirit gone?

‘I am Nigerian, my tribe comes second’

It seems a utopia what some of us see

A place where there is strength in diversity

Our loose dreams we hold on to so tight

But we refuse to give up the fight

As we still hope on the light

And will continue to strive with all our might.

                                       Inspired by Jeff Lazughi.


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