Love isn’t Enough 

When I was little, I believed that Love was enough, I had dreamed of the perfect relationship, wedding and of course! Husband. I believed that as long as we were both crazy about each other, nothing else mattered.


I must admit, I was wrong!

I look now, at the average woman with fear in her eyes as she beholds her children, the same ones who had suckled on her breasts. 

I see her having to suffer in pain, looking after them. 

I see her wishing she had thought twice before going to the altar that fateful day. Maybe things would have turned out better for her children, if she hadn’t married her SS partner. If she had realized earlier that Love wasn’t enough!

I watch in awe, how a faithful man struggled to make ends meet, only to find out that those same ends have been moved further apart by a promiscuous wife whom at all wasn’t contented with anything she had. 

Maybe, just maybe, things would have turned out rather not to badly had he called off the whole relationship the moment he saw the signs of greed in her, if only he had realized that Love wasn’t enough!

And who couldn’t help but notice, definitely not me, the pains of a brutally bruised woman, who had to deal with a beast in form of husband, who had to fend for her two children without any help. Who would go to bed and wake in tears, living in constant fear of the unknown.

Could she turn back the hands of time?

Could she freeze that moment she says “I do” at the altar.?

But she had seen the signs, didn’t she understand the deep things of The Spirit, that marrying an unbeliever was literally making the devil your father-in-law.?

When I was little, I believed that Love was enough…

Sadly, i’m not little anymore.


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