With each step, my legs felt heavy.

Couldn’t anyone see the darkness in my eyes?

Couldn’t someone stop to ask?

Couldn’t anyone see that I had gone, so DEEP?

My heart began to race, I’d check my wrist from time to time; I remembered the warning that came with the handing of the parcel I held in my hands. 

I looked at my wrist again. Oh! I exclaimed “I’m in, too DEEP”.

The building was hard to miss, it was described rather too well. I stepped into it, my heart running amuck. “Splash”. The noise my feet made as it got into a puddle. It was too late to save my new shoes from getting wet, it was IN, DEEP.

“Hey you!”. A loud voice echoed. I kept my stare at the three hefty men standing afar. One of the three walked briskly towards me, dragged the parcel from my hands, looked into it and back at me with a grin. “Thanks chief” He finally said.

As I turned to leave, I heard the shot from behind, everything seemed to fade. I knew in my heart, that that was my end.

“Awwn” I groaned.

The bullet had gone, DEEP.


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