Starting Afresh, for the third time!

Today happens to be one of those days when I attempt to observe siesta then end up sleeping for more hours than I bargained only to stay awake throughout the night, unable to shut my eyes again. 

Today’s seems to be one of the chronic ones as I haven’t shut my eyes since 5pm yesterday. I stayed awake all night on my system, typing, reviewing what I achieved with my first quarter of the year and doing some ‘legal hacks’,  lol. 

…and I realized I haven’t been here for quite some time; a very long time actually. It was not exactly how I planned it though but for some reason, school got in the way, politics swallowed a great amount of my time, friends had me tied down with some job or the other and other times I was just lazy. Lazy to put pen to paper, unable to organize my team properly and trying to convince myself that it wasn’t my fault but no, I failed. I only recall doing a guest post on Aunty Ufomaee’s blog titled Go Forth and Sin No More. 

WordPress also did well to remind me of my failure by sending me a Happy Anniversary message! Guess what, it’s been three years and sincerely, I feel ashamed at the level of my blogging progress. That’s what procrastination can do to you but hey, I’m not ready to give up on me; and that’s why I’m starting afresh a third time! If you haven’t been up to the task of keeping up with your business too, then you should join me to start afresh also. 

What I have been up to

While on my self-imposed, lazy break, I didn’t give up totally on writing. I made a decision to make some more money from it. And therefore I signed up on a freelance writing website.  I was so excited about it but at the same time, skeptical for two reasons. 

One, I was afraid of dedicating a greater part of my time to freelance writing at the detriment of my education and two, the natural fear of expansion – and the fear of the unknown. 

I was hired!

Let me let you in on some juicy part of the whole story. I applied to so many writing jobs online and guess what, in less than two days or so, I had over five jobs to choose from. I felt like I was finally being recognized for my skill and that boosted my confidence a great deal. I finally settled for one of the jobs. It was the weirdest type of writing I had done though. Here’s why – I had to submit at least six articles a day within a specific period of time; articles in various niches ranging from self improvement to travel, product review, home management, job improvement, health and fitness, celebrity gossip and more. I wasn’t sure how exactly I would achieve that combined with lectures and all but I was ready to give it a shot. 

And I did! My first client was one Bernard Rodgers guy whose location was set to Dayton, Ohio in the United States. After giving me his terms and conditions, I did same to and we finally settled at a price. Is there any need stating how much? Hmm. Neh, I would rather keep that for now but the bottom line is I was to be paid in dollars 💵 💵, and the amount was quite reasonable when converted to Naira.

Our contract was that I would complete a total of 42 articles after which I would receive my first payment. I did after some weeks and to my greatest surprise, this young man told me he rejected over 12 articles. (Each one about 1000 words). 

My expression was priceless when he said so. I could help but leave my mouth wide open – c’mon man, that’s over 12,000 words! Apart from the internet bills and time I put in! I could have just dropped the whole writing thing altogether but for the fact I needed cash badly, I agreed to complete the remaining articles. After all, they were just twelve.

And again I did! Hurray! I recall my last article was exactly 3,035 words! I could believe I had written over 35,000 words! It opened my eyes to what more I could do with writing. The most interesting part was how much I was to earn. I felt like a man at least. 

…and it happened this way: 

[March, 11th, 5:30pm.] Me: “Bernard! There goes the last one. ~File sent~

[March, 11th, 5:50pm] Me: Mr. Rodgers, I want to appreciate you for your time. Thank you for considering my application on (name withheld) to work on your project. It means a lot to me. 

I made the benchmark some weeks back and you informed me I had about 12 more articles to submit before I receive my pay. I wish to ask, and plead, that you review those articles as the word count is quite some number to just let go of. 

I’m also happy I have met the benchmark again by completing the outstanding 12 articles so I will like to request for my pay to help me keep up with financial needs. 

Please do check your records for processing of the financial aspect to commence. Thank you in anticipation of a favourable response.

[March, 12th,  7:30pm] Me: “Bernard you there?” 

[March, 13th, 6:40am] Me: “Hello? ”

[March, 13th, 11:44am] ~~ You can no longer send messages to this contact as you have been blocked ~~

“Ah! Jesus!”  Was the only thing that could come out of my mouth 👄. LOL. 

It was not funny at allll! All my time! My data! My money! My strength! Olboy…
The Aftermath

After that terrible experience, I decided to do some research. And to my greatest surprise, I found my works littered all over the internet! I went bananas. 

I’m still on the case. I’m filling a lawsuit for intellectual theft and fraud and working towards catching the thief. He’ll be caught hopefully. The only wahala is that these lawyers have got no chill at all. Too much fees involved I’m even thinking of dropping the case sef; but hey, if you’ve got any suggestions, don’t fail to contact me! Hehe… I’ll keep you posted.
The Political Den

My long break also had be go a bit further into school politics. I contested for an executive position in my faculty, Faculty of Life Science, University of Benin. By God’s grace, I emerged victorious but the way politics is played there is no different from the terrible country politics! 

There’s so much stupidity that has now been termed loyalty where old men who are supposed to be leaders in their own right are behaving like servants to their fellow students (or in some cases, students who have permanent admission on camp if you know what I mean *wink*). Special post coming up soon titled “Loyalty Is Not Stupidity“.
That’s all for now people! I’m back and better! Don’t forget to support me like you’ve always done by sharing my posts, commenting and liking! 

God bless y’all! 

Photo credit: My3c


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