Go Forth and Kick Ass

Yup, it is absolutely necessary. It is not exactly the perfect or friendliest title for a blog post but hey, sometimes, you just have to defy the norm and write without limits. I had earlier titled this post “Friends Who Shouldn’t Bear That Title” but come to think of it, with the clear image in my head of what I truly feel about such people, and why and how to deal with them, some ass-kicking detail just had to be infused. So my dear friends, Go Forth And Kick Ass does it for me today.

There is always this one friend you thought always had your back, in good times and in bad; in trouble and in freedom. You could best describe this person as your other half, whom no matter the consequences, would not stab you in the back or tell on you just because an axe has been placed over his head or some juicy papers pushed in his palms. He or she could be described as your best buddy. We know how most of such sweet stories end up? In pain, regret, gossip and unavoidable tragedy.

Trust me, everyone can relate to this as long as you’re human. If you can’t, it is either you’re not entirely human (maybe you have some supernatural element) or you just haven’t experienced life. Even if you say you’re supernaturally inclined, you must still have had a taste of it. Why? Simply because Zeus had a taste of it from Hades and God dealt with Lucifer for this same reason.

So what exactly is “ass kicking“?

According to English dictionary based on Wiki, ass kicking is “a brutal and decisive defeat of a person or individual by another who had thoroughly dominated them in doing so”. I’m not a violent person, so if you were thinking ass kicking meant dragging your buddy, now former buddy, to a dark corner and burying some Muhammad Ali blows in his face, leaving him wounded and without help, you, my friend, are capable of murder and only a coward.

Ass kicking should be done employing the PepperDemGang approach which is brutally and decisively inflaming jealousy and regret in the hearts of your enemies with your successes. Make them their faces burn red with envy while you bag that degree no one thought you would, win that award they all thought would never be yours, make that single a hit track even when they all thought you’re not good at what you do, hit those high reader statistics when they tell you you cannot. That, my friend, is the real ass kicking, the Kingsman way.

Stay tuned for the longer version…



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